The Issues

Rebuilding the Economic Ladder and Quality of Life

Wisconsinites need clear pathways to economic mobility and stability, access to the economic ladder of advancement. Access will create more opportunities to accumulate wealth, which will lead to healthier, happier and longer lived lives for all of us.The past year has been devastating for low-wage workers, children, and people of color — and it has both revealed and exacerbated weaknesses in our support systems. We must have an economic equitable recovery – leading to an economy better than the one we had before the crisis – requires investing in areas that we’ve been neglecting, so that people have the ability to make ends meet and reach their full potential. As Lieutenant Governor I hope that each Wisconsionians realizes that our destinies are tied to one another.

Demystifying and Defend OUR Democracy

It is imperative that we expand access to voting. As your Lieutenant Governor, I will make it my duty to fight and defend our democracy from far right acts. It is our responsibility to advocate for policies and strategy that expand access to voting rights, including, expanded early voting and highlighting inequities and inequalities of re-entry restoration. I’ve done this over my decade plus time as an elected official, and as your next Lieutenant Governor I will work tirelessly to demystify our democracy and that everyone who has the right to vote is able to do so with as much ease as possible.

Environmental Protection

As we look towards recovery, investments are clearly needed in our nation’s physical infrastructure to combat climate change. How we think about renewable energy and sustainability will have direct impacts on our ability to thrive and live. As a state we should explore clean and sustainable energy as a new major industry that Wisconsin businesses, neighbors, and tourism can benefit from. We have the land, the lakes and rivers, and workforce to be the #1 location for new clean energy. From Hydro Energy to wind and solar power, we can set a new standard on how to move a state economically forward. By investing into clean energy, we can help protect what makes Wisconsin so great, our land, our wildlife, and of course our lakes and rivers. Keeping these things in pristine conditions will help attract new residents and tourists to our great state to experience natural resources that are becoming more and more limited.

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